Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Literary Yarns by Cindy Wang - Crochet Book Club

Hello my beauties, and welcome to the crochet book club!
Each month I will be reading and reviewing a crochet book, and inviting you to join along the way, (this also gives me an excuse to buy a new book 😉).
So this months book is (drum roll please)....................................Literary Yarns by Cindy Wang.
So as you all know I love Amigurumi, if you follow me on instagram you'll know I especially love little cuties, and this is what this book brings in abundance.
I got my copy from Amazon I love Amazon (no shameless plugs here as im not an affiliate), I just love their service, range of products, and that if you spend just £10 on books they will deliver for free! Yes you heard correct free!
So anyway about the author. Cindy Wang hosts a well known blog called the Geeky Hooker, and crochets amigurumi characters in abundance (I especially love her Harley Quinn character). I love the fact that this lady has stayed true to her crafter spirit. Her blog is simple yet packed to the brim with great pictures of her lovely characters. She's all about the 'using what you got', in fact on her blog FAQ in answer to the question what yarn do you use she states 'whatever's cheap and in the right colour' so proving you can crochet successfully on a budget.
Cindy also does a 'critter drop' where she leaves her crochet buddies around cities for people to find and give her a shout if they do. Not only a crafter but sharing her craft too.
So lets get onto the book.
I believe every good crochet book needs a good cover, as a crocheter im all about being drawn in by great images of things that I didn't know up until that point but im desperate to make (yes im fickle!), but I also believe a great image can draw you in, and once you're in the pages the content should allow you to inform your decision. The cover makes you pick the book up, for a writer that's half the battle, its the content that sells the book.
This cover shows off some of the great cute lil characters you will get to crochet if you buy this book, and a good range of them too, everything from Alice in wonderlands white rabbit, too Frankenstein.
There's a fabulous array of character patterns to crochet here. Dorothy, the tin man, the lion and the scarecrow from the wizard of Oz, the white rabbit from Alice in wonderland, and Quasimodo and Esmeralda from the hunchback of Notre Dame to name just a few.
The patterns each have a great photography full page set up to show of the characters and show you what you could potentially end up with. There's also a page dedicated to materials, and tips on how best to work up the piece.
The instructions in the book are well written, and easy to follow. Each character and body part is clearly sectioned, and labelled, and for the really tricky techniques not only has Cindy added a comprehensive picture tutorial at the front of the book, she also adds in a photo tutorial when patterns have tricky pieces.
I especially love the hair tutorials. When I first started making amigurumi dolls I struggled so much with different types of hair. The images here and step by step instructions are great, easy to follow and very informative, with a broad range of ideas.

As you can see from one of my images I've already made a character from the book, Moby Dick, from the book Moby Dick. I kinda took the easy route here, in the respect im so used to making amigurumi animals and not people. But I also didn't have any of the colours required for the people (needless to say I completed a nice order of yarn with lovecrochet.com shortly after ordering the book!).
Moby Dick was super easy to work up, and not just from my point of view as an experienced hooker, but from a beginners view, it came with ease and simplicity. Basic stitches that a beginner could use and practise whilst working up Moby Dick, or in fact any of the characters.
If you love amigurumi, books, and little plush characters this book is definitely for you. If you're just starting out and want to enhance your amigurumi skills this book is for you too! In fact its a great book for both the seasoned crocheter and dabbling crafter alike. It oozes cuteness, the patterns are well explained and easy to follow, and the images are a delight to look at. It gets a big thumbs up from me each time I turn the pages. Well done Cindy Wang!
Thank you all for reading, and join me for the next crochet book club next month.
Happy Hooking from down the rabbit hole x

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