Thursday, 29 June 2017

Yarn Review - Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my Stylecraft classique cotton DK yarn review.
Now for a long time I've struggled to work with cotton yarn, I mean I have used it but always felt like it was so stiff, hard, the strands split, it was stiff to push my hook through etc. It just wasn't living up to the hype!
I've tried drops yarn, lily sugar and cream, and Rico creative cotton in the past, but I just, for want of a better phrase, can't get down with them.
When I first ventured into cotton yarn the promises from other patterns and websites were softness, natural cool fibres for summer, and many people said it was a joy to work with. So imagine my disappointment when these yarns just didn't live up to the hype. Don't get me wrong I'm not 'dissing' any of the yarns above, I love the colours sugar n cream offer, and the drops price tag is fab, but they jut aren't my cup of tea. 
So this year I made it my mission to find a cotton yarn I love.
Now in my posts you'll no doubt have heard me harp on about how much I love Stylecraft yarn. It's no lie, I do, most of the yarn I buy is Stylecraft, so it was only natural I tried a Stylecraft cotton yarn next. Would my faithful trusty yarn brand let me down? Well let's find out shall we.

Ok let's start with the obvious, it's a 100% cotton yarn, in a 50g ball. 92 meters or 100 yards of DK cottony goodness. The packaging leaves a bit to be desired (yes I'm fickle I want my yarn labels to be as pretty as the yarn!) but it's not the worst out there by any means, and it's simple, and let's face it fancy packaging means bigger cost so I'll let it slide! This yarn is as I've said double knit cotton, so requires a 4mm hook to work up. 
Look and feel

Looks wise (its like yarn dating!) the yarn has a bit of a sheen to it, not in a ghastly way, more in a polished, I'll make your project look radiant kind of way, and the colours of the strands is very consistent and vibrant. Once worked up the stitches are very vibrant, and clear, the work looks very neat and uniformed and each individual stitch shines. I can see this being great used in a pattern with more intricate detailing. The colour is bold and eye catching, even in the darker shade, and this is consistent both as a ball and once worked up. 
There's no doubt this yarn is soft. When the package arrived and I pulled the balls from the bag, I was expecting a hard feeling rough ball, you can imagine my surprise when I picked up this silky, soft ball instead. As a ball it's soft and super squidgy (like a yarn stress ball!) in a yarn store I would definitely buy it on feel alone. Once worked up the piece is still very soft and not at all stiff. It has a slight elasticity to it and I can imagine it would feel great against the skin made up into a garment.

Ease of use

Now I said before, my bad experiences of cotton partially come from the splitting yarn or stiffness when crocheting, but there was none of this with good old Stylecraft. Don't get me wrong, when pulling my stitches tight (I crochet tightly, I'm not sure why it's just my style) I could feel that familiar stiffness I'd found with other yarns, so I was apprehensive. However the my hook just slid through the stitches with ease, gliding in and out like they were a match made in heaven! No splitting yarn here either, I hooked up my whole piece (yes it's not ginormous but still!) without encountering one split in the yarn, and no snagging on splitting yarn when pulling through stitches, what a joy.
The yarn also didn't fluff to much with handling. This is particularly important for me as I'm using it to make teething products, and fluff is rough when you're chewing on it.
Another plus, no stretching strands. Again this is due to my style, I'm forever pulling the strands to keep my work tight, and occasionally you get the yarn that stretches so the strand is 5 times thinner than when you started. Not here though. Here it seems consistency is key.
Colour choice

As you can see the brightness of the colours is not a problem at all. There are however only 28 shades to choose from, which isn't many if you consider paintbox yarns 56 shades or DMC's 73. This as the case may be there is in my opinion one of every colour, and the colours are bright and consistent throughout the ball, you just don't get as much choice when it comes to shade.

Finally we come to the price. I bought my yarn here as at the time if you spent £30 on yarn you got 30% off! Which is a whopping great discount. The yarn is currently retailing on the site for £2.45 which when you shop around is the average price. It's not the cheapest on the market by all means, but equally it's not the most expensive either (some cottons retail at £4+!) and yes I'm stingy when it comes to spending! It's a good mid range price, and in my opinion well worth paying for. 

If you look below you'll find a handy pros and cons list.
As you can see I made up a super cute baby teether (bunny ears are adorable!) to test out the yarn. I was particularly drawn to cotton this year as I do want to expand to sell baby items in particular, so I thought what better tester to make than a mini bunny teether.
I have to say worked up id be happy to give this to my own child (if she wasn't 5 going on 15!) its very soft to touch, yet feels durable, and no doubt will soak up all that gorgeously gooey baby saliva!!!
Happy hooking from down the rabbit hole X

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