Friday, 28 July 2017

Back To School Pattern Roundup

I know, i know, theyve only just finished school for the holidays, and already im on back to school kit, but there is a very good reason, you only have 6, yes, 6 weeks to ensure theyve got everything they need for the new term.   Back to school essentials can be really expensive, the average UK household will spend a mega £330 on back to school essentials, and those of you in the US will top us by nearly double with the average household spending almost $800. So why go money mad, when chances are you have spare yarn lying around screaming at you 'use me save money'! Now all of the patterns below arent necessarily essentials, but they are things youre most likely (bar uniforms) to spend the most money on. So save a few quid (to spend on holiday perhaps 😁) and hook up a storm this summer. Lets get to it shall we 1. Back to school rucksack from Yarnplaza 
This is soooo cute. I love the design and colourway, and how it looks super suave, but actually its lots of granny squares very well constructed to make a fab rucksack. Simple enough, and with a well writen pattern to boot. This bag can be made in any colour you like, and is great for little munchkins and trendy teens alike. Get the kids involved picking their own colour and they're much more likely to love it. The average backpack costs around £20 if you hooked this from Paintbox cotton yarn currently on offer at just £1.92 per ball, and used the amount the pattern requires youd save £10.40 win win to me 👍🏻   2. Mini bow hairclips from hello yellow yarn
Now i know hair accessories arent going to be at the top of the list, in fact if youre anything like me youll send them with any old clips in! But this year we had a set of uniform rules, and i quote "hair fashions are not encouraged in school" (bye bye jojo bows!) "hair accessories in school colours are permitted for functional usage" in lamens terms for our school, blue and yellow clips are ok. Hence why making your own is a money saver, and you know youll always be able to replicate them should they go astray, get misplaced etc, during the year. 3. Rainbow Lanyard from the Moogly blog
This ones more for the older kids. Not sure if youve noticed but at college or uni nowadays everyone needs id. Great, it keeps our kids safe, and also its more functional (id card opens 100 doors type functional!). Saying this the plain black lanyards they get issued are booooring, and this is where Moogly comes in. Functional, stylish, customisable, super easy. What more can you want in a pattern. 4. Crocodile pencil case from lets knit
Isnt this just the cutest?! Okay its more for younger kids, but youre sure to be a hit if you work up this for your kiddo. You do have to register with the site to get this pattern, however you wont be dissapointed, the site has huge amounts of free knitting and crochet patterns, all of different skill levels and tastes. This pattern does require a bit of skill to complete, but is worth mastering as its super cute, and can be worked i a variety of colours, im thinking purple and pink 😁👍🏻  5. Octopus pencil topper from
Ok so not at the top of the list again, (and probably doesnt feature on many lists!) but this is one of those cute things you can use to jazz up otherwise boring pencils, and then be able to get away with buying a pack of 10 for 50p from b and m as opposed to a £2 pack that look pretty! Again you have to register with the site to download this pattern, but this is another site its totally worth doing for. Made in traditional amigurumi method, the pattern also includes an angelfish and whale in the download too.  6. Rainbow pencil case from the diaper mum
A schoolbag staple, and extremely easy to whip up. This pencil case has very basic instructions, easy to put together and easy to customise. The pattern also shows you how to line the bag and add a zipper. Personally i wouldnt line the case as its only for school, but i suppose that all depends on the maker. Use any stitch or colour you like for this case with loads of possibilities.  7. Chic rucksack from Kate Eastwood
Now, i know ive included 2 backpack patterns, my intentions here were that this pattern is perhaps more suited to an older girl than a younger one, and i didnt like to leave out those of you with older kits. This backpack is super stylish, comes with comprehensive, well detailed instructions and pictures in the tutorial, and appears simple enough to make, with a simple method of construction. Again for those of you with a few skills up your sleeve you could omit the edging, or even add a pattern or colourwork into the design. I have to say i just love the style of the backpack. Its very cute. 8. Rillakuma phone sleeve from sweetorials 
Again this is more for the teens in your life, a great way to keep their phone safe. This is soooo easy. The tutorial is on youtube and the video is only 6 minutes long so you can imagine how quickly this will work up. The video has good writen instructions alongside the video and is good quality and easy to follow. A super simple but very cute way to keep those phones safe, and kawaii is very on trend right now. 9. Coin purse / pouch from
Ok so this has a multitude of uses. This is great for the smaller kids to take into school with money for trips, dinners, or a morning snack in. Some schools here in the uk let you take in a purse for the week with money in and leave it in school, this is perfect for that. For the older kids its a cool purse, great for keeping headphones, usb drives etc in. For the girlies its a great way to conceal those products they may only use once a month if you get my drift! 10.  Mini granny square tech case by sugarbeans
Oh i do love granny squares. Theyre so versatile, and can be made in all the colours of the rainbow. I love this pattern for many reasons, its super cute, useful, and mixes the kitsch granny with girly detailing in the shell stitch border. Its practical and can be adapted for laptops, phones, ipods, ipads you name it 😁. A super easy make, with great pictures detailing the construction of the case. Great for beginners too and can be styled to suit.   There you have it. 10 super patterns for all the family members that could save you a few quid if nothing else. If youd like to see more im constantly adding to my pinterest boards here. Happy hooking from down the rabbit hole x

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