Sunday, 6 August 2017

Crochet Book Club

Ooooh its that time again! Crochet book club time! Now for all of you that follow me on social media (if you dont come on over 😊), you'll know i love amigurumi. When im making, its 99% likely im making an amigurumi mouse, or cat, or bear, or rabbit etc etc. So, it was only fair (to myself 😂) that this months book club was amigurumi related.  Without further ado, this months book is Drum roll please................ (the suspense is killing you right?!) 
My crochet animals by Isabelle Kessedjian
And what a wonderful book it is. For those of you not familiar with Isabelles works, she is a wonderful French artist. Also the author of my crochet doll, and very talented crochet designer and artist. Check her out here. She even has her own app on itunes! The book begins with a gorgeous array of superb photographs of Isabelles animals, there are 9 in total not all pictured, including, a koala bear, a wolf, a pig, a bear, a bunny, a moose, a panda, a fox and a racoon. 
I have to admit, i did flick through at first thinking, 'have i bought a picture book and not read the description properly?!' Of course i hadn't, but im so used to pattern books having the image on one page, pattern on the other of a double page spread, it threw me a little! Another thing that makes this book unique. The animals are oh so cutely laid out in their appropriate settings, donning their gorgeous clothing which there are also patterns for in the book.
In fact everything in the book that is photographed, can be hooked, even the piggy butchers meat!
  Towards the end of the book are the patterns. Each in chronological order to match the pics.  The instructions are really well detailed, with more great images, and each pattern has the corresponding page number of where the picture for the animal can be found. Its very organised and well laid out. The animals themselves are so cute, and there is a 'basic elements' structure as it were to each animal (standard pattern for the arms and legs for each animal, for example), which is great because once youve got the hang of it the possibilities are endless.
One of the main reasons i bought this book was for the clothes. I love hooking amigurumi but find very little by way of crochet clothing out there too, so for me this is a delight, and again once youve got the hang of that mini rabbit bonnet, it can be a bonnet with a bow, or with beads on the tails. The book gives you a foundation, along with inspiration for your own ideas, its deffinitley not a 'set in stone' pattern book, and deffinitley one i can gurantee you'll pick up time and time again. Im currently working up a little baby boy bunny from the book (its taking longer than id like due to custom orders i have going on, and the garden project!) but its a delight, i have to say, easy to follow, works up quickly, and a lot of the stitches are great for beginners as theyre very simple (the bunny has so far been single crochets, increases and decreases).
Id so recommend this book to any avid amigurumi hooker beginner or otherwise, just the pictures alone are a delight 😊 I bought my book on Amazon as this was the best price at the time, and you get free delivery on book orders over £10. Hopefully you'll give it a look and be working up cute critters in no time. Happy hooking from down the rabbit hole x  

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