Friday, 18 August 2017

Pom poms!

Around 12 months ago (maybe more i loose track of time soooo easily!) i bought the fabulous Pompomania book by Christine Leech (get it here). The book is filled with great pom pom designs and projects, and i have to say it got me hooked on the good old pom pom.  I love that pom poms can be customised, colour mixed, and made into just about everything (earrings, shoes, blankets, the list is endless!) In spirit of this i thought i would curate a list of my favourite pom pom projects for my lovely readers. Not only is there something theraputic about crafting a gorgeous yarny pom pom, but its a craft for all ages and one that can be done as a family ☺️ So without further ado lets begin    1. Pom pom fairies from RaisingUpRubies
This craft is super cute. I love all things magical so i have to add this to the list. Its also something the kids can do, and is very unique. Use them at christmas, string them onto a set of fairy lights for added sparkle, and if you have a tinkerbell fan, you can make one for each of the fairies. A lovely craft for kiddos and parents alike, and also a great gift for a little girl.   2. Pom pom bouquet from Camille Styles 
These are gorgeous, and so simple. I love that natural materials have been used here too, it makes the bouquet much more authentic and unique, the fact that you can make any colour bouquet you like i a plus, and you could even mix it up having large and small blooms in the same bouquet. A simple yet effective craft with the ever versatile pom pom, and no special tools required, these pom poms are made using just your hands!   3. Pom pom headband from a subtle revelry 
Pom pom headbands are the must have seasonal accessory, from festivals, to party in the park, it seems everyone is wearing them. So why not create your own with this fab tutorial. Consisting of cheap and easy to come by materials this is sure to be a staple accessory, and only cost a couple of quid, win win!   4. Pikachu pom pom by Flying Mio 
This youtube video shows you how to create your own super cute little pom pom pikachu! I just had to include this, its adorable and gets the kids involved, and possibly the boys too, in my experience boys arent really into crafts, however this pokemon inspired craft may just tempt them!    5. Pom pom wreath from Wool and the Gang  
Who doesnt love a pom pom wreath? I know i do, and this little baby from WATG doesnt dissapoint. Whats more, its so easy to make, doesnt require a glue gun (yes you heard correctly) and can be made bit by bit adding more pom poms for a fuller look with whatever takes your fancy. Another great ones for the kids too as like i said, no hot glue gun required.   6. Pom pom solar system from we are scout
This is ingenious. A great craft for the kids, a science project you can get on board with, and quite frankly brilliant. This great tutorial complete with fab images shows you how to make the planets from yarn. Planet pom poms. A great craft, and educational project too.   7. Pom pom paperclips from Raising up Rubies
Another great tutorial from Raising up Rubies. Planners and accessories are hot right now and these would make a great planner clip. Super easy, customisable and made in any colour and size you like, simple yet perfect!   8. The cutest bunny from pom maker
For those of you who havent heard yet pom maker blog is the next big thing in the pom pom world. Their doghnut shaped pom makers are especially cute, and their tutorials are ingenious and one of a kind. With both video and clear picture tutorials their pom poms are not only awesome, but achievable too.   9. Pom pom pillow from A Kailo Chic Life
Another bright inviting home accessory that screams 'cuddle me im so soft and scrumptious and colourful'! Ok so enough of my being weird, on a serious note does this not make you smile?! Its a super easy tutorial, glue gun, pillow case, pom poms, ta dah! You can upcycle some old pillows, or buy second hand cases, and if you're not fussy on colour or pattern its a great way to use up any leftover yarns.   10. Pom pom rug from sayyes
A pom pom roundup wouldn't be complete without a pom pom rug. All of the tutorials out there are very similar, pom poms, non stick mat backing et voila. Super easy, simple and cheap, without being cheap looking. I chose this particular tutorial because i love the colour combination, and there isn't a pom pom maker in sight, proving that just about anyone can make a pom pom, simply, with very little tools needed.    Lastly if you dont have any fancy dancy pom pom makers, dont despair, this wonderful post from heart hook home, shows you a veriety of ways you can make pom poms using forks, loo roll tubes and just your hands. A great post again confirming you dont need to spend a lot to get fantastic results. 
To see all of these projects and more, check out my pom poms board over on pinterest   Id love to see your pom pom projects please do tag me over on Instagram, or use #woollypops.   Comment below for how you use your pom poms.   Happy hooking from down the rabbit hole x

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