Thursday, 9 June 2022

Free Crochet Tutorial - Funky Flower Headband

So it's been some time since I've written a blog post.
The last one here was 2017 I just haven't had the time to dedicate to it. 
But I'm back, fresh new patterns, fresh new image and fresh new motivation.
That said today's pattern is the perfect summer pick. It's fun, funky and so easy to make. Quick to work up and can be made in so many colour options! 
Let's get to it shall we
Pattern is worked in UK crochet terms with the US terms in brackets 

If you prefer to follow along on YouTube you can find the video for this pattern here
☆ 4mm crochet hook
☆ any DK yarn of your choosing (I used Paintbox Yarns Simply DK) you can use as many colours as you like. I used two colours for my headband.
☆ a tapestry needle for weaving in the ends 
☆ scissors 

Abbreviations UK (US)
☆ DC (SC) - Double crochet (Single crochet)
☆ Ch - Chain
☆ MR - Magic Ring 
☆ Sl St - slip stitch 

1. Pattern begins with 6 DC (SC) in MR.
2. Join to the first DC (SC) with a Sl St. Ch 12, Sl St back into the base on the same chain on the round. 
3. *Sl St into the next DC (SC), Ch 12, Sl St into the base of the Ch on the round* 
4. Repeat from * to * a further 4 times until you have 6 petals.
5. Fasten off and weave in the ends. We will now make a second flower and join the two together.
6. Make the second flower following steps 1-5 above, but DO NOT JOIN THE 6TH PETAL OR FASTEN OFF.
7. Remove the last Ch12 from the hook and place it through a petal on the first flower. Place the chain back onto the hook and sl St to the base of the Ch 12. This will have secured the two petals together. (See minute 6 of the YouTube video for how to do this if you're struggling :))
8. Continue making flowers and joining them as you go until you only have one flower left. At this point you will close the flower ring with the last flower. 
9. Start the last flower in the same way, when you have made the first petal do not join to the round. Remove it from your hook, place it through a petal on one side of the chain of flowers, place the chain back on your hook, Sl St to join to the round. One side of your chain of flowers will now be joined to the last flower. 
10. Work 2 more petals on the last flower (this can be fiddly as you now have a lot of crochet work near your hook) you will have 3 petals in total. 
11. Work the Ch12 of the 4th petal and join this to the second side of your flower chain in the same way as you have been doing throughout. Make the last petal. Fasten off. (If you need visual help with steps 9-11 see minute 8 of the YouTube video) 

And thats your quick and simple flower crown complete! 

What I love about this is you can make it in any combination of colours and it's so versatile. 

You can leave the chain unjoined for bunting. You can make from more robust yarn for a strap, or elongate the chain for a necklace. 

I'd love to see what you make, please tag me on Instagram @crocreate and any comments please leave them below :) 

Happy hooking