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Woollypops is a quirky, fun and sometimes weird crochet and craft blog, that you're all invited to!
Saving the world one stitch at a time with hooky hands ready for anything. Woollypops is a 20 somethings, her princess and slightly autistic partners guide to all things crochet and crafty.
Free patterns, yarn reviews, amigurumi goodness and crafty tutorials of all kinds can be found right here. Browse, enjoy, drool over yarn 😋 Whatever takes your fancy, be inspired and enjoy.
Now for the super cringed stuff!
My names Sarah

 I'm 28 years of well aged Englishness and live in sunny Stoke On Trent! I have one oh so adorable baby (no longer a baby now 5 going on 15!)

 a slightly autistic partner who keeps me on my toes, a springer cross collie called max (nickname mad max!) and a gender confused cat! We wouldn't be us if we were a simple family and that's the way I like it.
I'm a dabbling designer and crochet enthusiast and have been so for the past 12 years. I first got into crochet, knitting and crafts in sixth form but have never been without coloured pencils and pad my whole life. I studied a btec foundation diploma in arts at college specialising in textiles where my dear mum taught me to knit. I picked up crochet and self taught, but soon realised that I had to get a full time job.
Fast forward 12 years and I now work as a children's occupational therapy assistant not quite the artsy job I wanted, but one with its own rewards (and there's tons believe me) still leaving me time to pursue my craftiness elsewhere.
I started to crochet inspired by one thing, the joy something as simple as a granny square can bring, from a teeny weeny baby making its way into the world, to the 80 something super proud nana making it, it sparked in me a sense of unity, and creativity I'd never felt before, how something so simple can be cherished, adored, and shared through the generations.
Now I'm all about the colour! I looove colour, quirky, bright or adding a pop! To something that should be so demure.
Amigurumi is one of my true passions and I have strived to ensure that my technique is well up to its game in this area (although I'm not perfect trust me, the amount of swears I've produced over safety eyes and crocheted feet is unbelievable!).
I also love to show that even on a tight budget you can make great things through craft, and in turn craft great memories.
So enough about me, are you ready? What for I hear you ask, why for an adventure of course! Welcome to my rabbit hole, won't you come inside.

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